Theodore Kennett-Raj

As a visual artist, Theodore follows his own muse.

His dreamy thoughts help him to produce artworks with satirical narratives.
The patterns and textures he uses combine with exuberant colours; and reflect his origins and his country of birth, India.

He migrated to Sydney in 1973 and joined the Shillito Design School where he studied design and fashion for 3 years. Subsequently, he worked in the fashion industry until 2007 when he moved to The Northern Rivers in NSW. His design studies and deep experience in the fashion industry have combined to allow him to produce work that is quirky, playful, yet detailed and carries implicit and explicit commentary. Having exhibited in galleries and art prizes around the region, Theodore now is represented nationally by The Channon Gallery.

“The move to The Northern Rivers has given me a great sense of freedom, creative visualisation, and opportunity to produce several works of art. This new body of work is now ready for benevolent, enthusiastic lovers of art!” Theodore Kennett-Raj

Theodore's work is a joy to have in the gallery. His humour, naughtiness and deep sense of satire associated with contemporary cultural and social themes in this country always bring a smile (or a laugh), but also challenge the rhetoric we are fed every day!