Sylvian "The Fish Man" Preziosa

Sylvian Preziosa hails from Nice in France where he has been an exhibiting artist in a number of solo and group shows since the 1980s. Now a resident of Byron Bay, at least for a while, Sylvian continues his Pop Art-inspired practice steeped in the iconography of the 'fish'. The choice of the fish is to mark a Mediterranean origin, which translates well across the world to Sylvian's new coastal home. It is also of importance as a recurring biblical theme - the fish always shown in profile and facing left. (We have turned some of Sylvian's images to face right as background images - just to provide a better view of his work.)

The Byron Bay location of the artist allows him to continue his practice of incorporating discarded objects washed up on the beach into his art work. This re-use of such things as plastic bags and clothing items is a repurposing of elements that contribute to environmental decline and serve as a reminder of the effects of the consumer society. The work is presented in a playful way, however, using vivid colour and repeated 'icons' that characterised the Pop Art movement.

Sylvian was dubbed "The Fish Man" by Debra Arman, the noted collector of contemporary art and muse of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and he uses this monicker, "Sylvian The Fish Man" as a signature to his artwork to this day.

A short video below of Sylvian's 'method', including scouring the beach for items to recycle into the texture of his artwork.
Video is by Rest Your Eyes Production, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.