Soren Carlbergg

"As an artist, my current interest is in trying to interpret dimensions other than the ones we 'know' - making available to the viewer an understandable arrangement of ideas that have been transformed into a comprehensible experience.

Looking beyond the world we know, see, smell, feel and hear - endeavouring to grab an understanding of something that we were not programmed to recognise - there is evidence that we live in a multi dimensional world, most dimensions we can't access because of our limited senses - we do however have imagination.

With the use of simple painterly tools (line, form, colour and movement) onto a two dimensional plane, one can create a depth that is infinite, that one can look 'into'. Where all these 'dimensions' are working together and apart simultaneously, relating to themselves, to each other, and where their paths or 'dimensions' may cross, occasionally with consequence but often without - oblivious to their own 'cause and effect', existing somehow in a universe or universes, with the only possible shared moment being these interpretations on canvas." Soren Carlbergg

More recently (2013-2014), Soren has started to mix figurative work into his pieces. There is still an aliment of abstraction in all elements of these works, but there is also evidence of a 'classical' figurative rendering that maintains the stylistic "marks" and abstract lifework of the artist. This might all sound like gobbledegook, but have a look at these pieces in OTHER WORKS, and see for yourselves the dexterity and melding of two different art formations in a very complementary way. This is very intriguing work!

Soren's works is in acrylic or mixed media. He has his own website - Please have a visit.

Soren is one of the gallery's major artists, with a large body of work. His catalogue has been divided over two pages into "Small Works" and "Other Works", reached by the links below.
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