Marika Bryant

Marika Bryant has held a strong position as an exhibiting artist and advocate for the visual arts in northern NSW for a number of years since graduating from her visual arts degree at Southern Cross University in 2004.

Marika has won a number of art awards in the region and continues to exhibit extensively in this region and throughout the eastern states of Australia.

Communication plays a major role in Marika’s work with poetry and text influencing her visual language and sometimes appearing in it. Her work also demonstrates what she describes as a “painterly continuous process” where the work is created by the application of paint, layering, scratching back and sculpted into textures, as well as collaged in some instances.

While the inspiration of much of Marika’s work is landscape, it is also drawn from her memories, ideals and the emotion and reflection of daily life.

Marika's work is held in collections Australia-wide, plus internationally in Zurich, Athens, Auckland, Colorado, Halifax, and New York.