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Colleen DaRosa

"Not surprising, given previous work as a psychologist, the central idea that intrigues me is that art can reveal a beautiful truth that penetrates the immediate experience. The revelation of beauty can be experienced as a sensation beyond the visual.

My works attempt a visual communication that resonates with our internal landscape....an abstract vision of the rhythms and internal vibrations we experience. Perversely the final rendering can often resemble a fractal of the natural landscapes we inhabit.

I am excited by the constructivist/formalist approaches that have achieved the intrigue of artists such as Jasper Johns, Dora Maurer and Robert Ryman as well as Australians Daniel Templeman, Debra Dawes and Vivienne Binns. By utilising a systematic painting method and a repetitive motif I am able to explore my passion for the formal propositions of painting....particularly colour, line and management of the picture plane. My process often begins with a chaotically painted surface so that the creative process becomes an opportunity to resolve a rhythmic puzzle. The resulting motifs are episodes of interrupted order where the canvas surface can be broken (in this instance by inter-weaving another painted surface) to create broader possibilities for exploring aesthetic meaning – a deeper revelation of truth.

My intention is to:
• manifest a sensory experience
• resonate with internal environments and mindscapes
• elicit universal rhythmic and musical recognition
• utilise disruption and diversion
• attend to formal qualities of media". Colleen Da Rosa
©2011-2014 The Channon Gallery
Colleen DaRosa
Boundary Rider

Carborundum on Hahnemuhle
65 x 83cm

Cat. No. CDR-108
$ 690

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©2011-2014 The Channon Gallery
Colleen DaRosa
Shimmer of the Wild

Unique state print
47 x 56cm

Cat. No. CDR-106
$ 420

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