We would love to hear from artists within our region - and without - who are looking to exhibit or looking for advocates to champion their work and ideas. If interested in exhibiting, please email your interest using the form below. We will get back to you within 24hours.

We would also like to hear from the broader community in which we are located about their thoughts on the work we exhibit. Art is about ideas ... and we all have them! This includes feedback - good, and not so good - so that we can attempt to improve things here.

There are other great galleries in the region - publicly and privately run. There are relationships to be forged here too and we would love to hear from you to further your own work, but more importantly to advance artistic expression of the diverse culture that is located within this region ... and this country.

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David Corazza


52 Terania Street
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t: (02) 6688 6322
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