An Observation of Observations

Musings on the accomplished and sublime work of artist, Stuart Cussons. Read More...

"Surface Tensions" by Stuart Cussons

Launching Stuart Cussons's exhibition - "Surface Tensions". Stuart's work is a study in the minimalist approach to visual art, exhibiting both "peace" and tension in his accomplished works. Read More...

New Additions to our Stock Room Artist Pages

Contextualising visual Art in a context that helps people understand scale and character. Even when viewing art in person, it can be sometimes difficult to 'place' it in one's own abode - home or work. Read More...

April Exhibitions … into May

Two very special exhibitions are coming up in April. A preview is available on the 12th and 13th April, with the launch to be held on Sunday, 14th April, starting at 3.00pm. Details are on the flyer (link) below.

Our exhibitions are "Wabi - the quality of voluntary poverty", a solo exhibition by Stuart Cussons and "Perpetual Possibilities", a group show by emerging artists (and good mates), Annique Goldenberg, Leanne Stewart Haugh and Heather Matthew.

In his solo show, Stuart Cussons explores the 'philosophy' of Wabi which values a simple and austere beauty. This concept has underpinned Stuart's work for some time and is manifested in his deceptively simple 2D and 3D works.

Our group show, "Perpetual Possibilities" brings together works by Annique Goldenberg, Leanne Stewart Haugh and Heather Matthew who explore shared memory (between artist and viewer) and shared perceptions (again between artist and viewer) of their individual subjects - landscape, water, environment, time and the universe, and the way we access them, 'read' them and come to understand them.