Worlds Apart by Matthew Shepherd

Matthew Shepherd's exhibition of art-photography. "Worlds Apart" was launched on Sunday, 14th December.

As with all of the gallery's launches, we had a warm and friendly crowd of on-lookers and art-lovers, including Matthew's family and friends, artists Lindsay Hunt, Susan Gourley, RJ Poole and Paul Roguszka, and art aficionados, Peter Wood from Arts Northern Rivers and Helen Creed from Serpentine Community Gallery in Lismore.

Deb and Shane from Richmond Hill sauces were there too, providing entertainment and tastings of some of their saucy offerings.

Just a few pics from the launch at the link below (click on image). There are quite a few and they take a little while to load!

Photograph: Matthew Shepherd

More on Matt's exhibition is at his exhibition page and details on his beautiful work on his Stock Room page.

This exhibition is right up there with what we feel have been our best - including those by Stuart Cussons, Sue Adler, Lindsay Hunt and AñA Wojak. The sensibilities associated with Matt's exhibition are probably closer to that of Stuart Cussons' "Surface Tensions" - very minimal and 'zen' in character with undercurrents of more meaningful and emotional engagement. We can't wait to see what Matt does next, but in the meantime there is so much to appreciate in his current body of sublime work.

Opening of The Art House

A big thanks to Peter and Wendy, owner and manager of The Art House, respectively, for the wonderful party they put on to launch The Art House in Newrybar.

A large crowd gathered to partake of the diverse and delicious spread provided by Harvest Cafe and Deli plus have a look at some equally diverse artworks from some of the artists from The Channon Gallery - artists with long, established careers and some emerging ones with heaps of promise.

The generosity of the gathering was appreciated with donations, raffle contributions and a few artwork sales, with proceeds to benefit the Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF). Unsold artwork will remain in The Art House for a further six weeks or so for the benefit of holidaying guests who will be staying there, with contributions from any sales of works also going to the NRCF. Let us know if you would like a catalogue sent to you of available works there.

A huge thanks also to sponsors of the event and fundraising efforts - Harvest Cafe, Driftlab, Embellir Brow & Beauty Bar, Bangalow Cellars, The Art House, Byron Plantation and Sheryl Rennie, the Fingerlime Queen of Northern Rivers.

Some pics from the gathering are at the link below (click on the image of the handsome pair). Lovely to see a few familiar faces like artists, Amanda Bromfield, Jules Hunt and our own, Matthew Shepherd. More information on The Art House is available at their website -

Hostess with the mostest & manager, Wendy, with Father Matthew from the Bangalow Anglican Church.

The Art House at Newrybar, Northern Rivers

The Art House in the historic village of Newrybar is a unique concept bringing together a comfortable holiday home and a passion for Australian contemporary Artists.

The Art house will be an ever-changing gallery of original artworks, selected and curated by The Channon Gallery to showcase quality, fine Art in a ‘liveable’ context.

Every 6-8 weeks the artworks are renewed with an open house opportunity for the public to drop in and have a look - usually over a weekend. It’s a great opportunity to contribute some cultural vitality - in a low-key, village-compatible way - to the life of Newrybar, alongside its historical buildings, the designer elements of Driftlab and the culinary delights provided by Harvest Cafe, deli and bakery!

Artworks will be mainly from three or four main Artists in a showing. There will be thematic threads throughout the whole of each display, whenever possible, but we are very conscious that the artworks also need to really suit the spaces and contribute to the comfort and also ‘wow’ factor for those who holiday there.

Exciting times in the Byron Bay hinterland!

The Art House will be launched with an open house on Saturday, 29th November. There is also a launch party will be an invitation-only private affair, raising funds to benefit the fine work of the Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NCRF). The Art House will be open to the public from Friday 28th November to Sunday, 30th November (inclusive), from 10am to 5pm. On the Saturday (29th November), opening hours will be from 10am to 3pm to allow for some organisation for the evening's event. 10% of any sales throughout this period will be donated to the NCRF.

More news will be forthcoming on the artwork to be exhibited. Featured in the art on show will be new works from Mullumbimby artist, Imbi Davidson, Stuart Cussons from Mt Burrell and Matthew Shepherd from the Gold Coast. Some pics will follow - when we get the work and take the photos!

More information about The Art House may be found at:
Web: or click on the graphic below.

Follow The Art House on social media:


The launch of exhibitions by Laszlo Biro and Paul Roguszka

Amongst a few showery and cold days, Sunday the 15th June presented us with a beautiful day for the launch of "The Greater Gourd" by Laszlo Biro and "Unique Signatures" by Paul Roguszka.

There were lots of local followers of these two artists in attendance and others from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne.

There is a lot more information on the artists and their work on our Stock Room pages - click HERE to have a look.

Below are a few photos taken at the exhibition - all by Marie Cameron ("A Woman with a Camera"). Marie takes photographs to promote people and events. Phone her on 02 6689 7329 or contact via email at a

Various works by Paul Roguszka and Laszlo Biro

The Tower by Paul Roguszka

Rainbow Pumpkin by Laszlo Biro at the end of the hallway

Paul Roguszka and Laszlo Biro standing in front of some of their stunning works

Works by Paul Roguszka and Scott Harrower (in a group showing at the rear of the gallery)

More of the group exhibition at the rear. Paul's work was spread throughout the gallery to give it some space.

Lisa admiring more of Paul's smaller pieces.

Paul and Peter

Happy gallery-owner, David.

Artist, Laszlo Biro, and just a couple of his beautifully-executed paintings.

Visitors from afar - Vanese and Vance.

Lisa and Paul's "Caldera Screen" - tactile, robust and beautiful (both of them).

Some of the crowd. They always end up on the street!

A sense of spendour -3 Decades - AñA Wojak

Our formal exhibition programme so far this year has been very diverse and focussed on presenting quality work by local and not-so-local artists. So far we have exhibited amazingly sublime works by Stuart Cussons and a group show of works by Soren Carlbergg, Graham Mackie and James Willebrant - all of high quality and very different to exhibitions elsewhere in Northern Rivers.

Our current exhibition is the first survey that we have done of an artist's visual arts career. Yet again, it is something very different in content to anything we have seen before - or exhibited before.

The work of AñA Wojak covers a period of just over three decades and explores an arts practice that is rooted very much in her eastern European origins, her relationship or exposure to religion, her interests in eroticism and her environment, and her artistic inspirations, drawn from many quarters including the abstract expressionists of the 1960s and later, including Mark Rothko.

Curatorially, there was not so much of a selection process, other than limiting too much repetition and endeavouring to use as many works as possible that covered AñA's career. It was very important, however, to present the work of the artist - not so much in a chronological way - but in the best way to present her work and give in to the splendour that her work evokes.

The word, "splendour", is not something that we would normally attribute to our exhibitions, no matter how beautiful they are. With AñA's exhibition though, the sum of the various parts add up to something that is indeed splendid. There is a richness and unique texture across the exhibition that comes from her use of metals, gold-leaf, rich oils and recycled timbers. There is boldness to her figurative works and a softness to her assemblage - and a haunting, luminous beauty to her abstractions on steel.

There is nothing in this exhibition that has been executed on canvas or linen, and the alternative "materiality" conjures an exhibition that indeed evokes splendour ... even awe.

The parts of the whole are worth looking at too, of course, and represent clear artistic attitudes and practice at various points in the artist's career.

It's really very interesting. To see a 'journey' and an evolution of artistic thinking is really quite special for anyone interested in art.

It's a very special exhibition, indeed - both the parts and the sum of the parts!

AñA's artistic practice continues - hopefully for a few more decades yet!

For complete works available by the artist, please look in our STOCK ROOM.

















"Surface Tensions" by Stuart Cussons

A small, but enthusiastic crowd helped us launch Stuart Cussons' "Surface Tensions" exhibition yesterday (2nd March).

The exhibition is comprised of works that continue Stuart's exploration of painting and working in 3D, with all new works made up of painted works on panel which were assembled at the gallery prior to the exhibition. The exceptions were a small work and a sculpture in steel - a 'self-portrait' with a very modern twist!

Stuart's exhibition presented us with some very bold (and large) pieces - each with its own sense of tranquility, quiet sophistication and slight tension. The works really required their own space and it was a great opportunity to pare back the gallery quite a bit and totally refresh it, following on from our summer showings of a large number of artists and their works.

Stuart's exhibition continues until the end of March. It may not be for everyone, but just about all who have seen it so far, have said how beautiful it is. We concur!

A selection of diverse works by a number of artists are on show at the rear of the gallery.

Some pics from the launch are below.













Exhibition - Women's Work(s)

Our latest exhibition of works by Northern Rivers female artists, featuring the work of Julie Corbet and Marie-lise Laviolette, opens on Sunday, 17th November, 2013.
The launch is at 3.00pm on that day.


Starting in September - A solo show by Rikki Fisher

Coming up in September is a solo exhibition of works on scratchboard by Nimbin artist, Rikki Fisher.

The exhibition, entitled "Stripes - A Touch of the Wild", continues Rikki's exploration of wildlife in art, drawing upon inspiration that arose during a recent trip to Africa and manifested in the unusual medium of scratchboard.

Scratchboard is a clay coated hardboard panel that is then coated with Indian ink. Using various sharp tools to scratch into the ink layer, the clay underneath shows through. For added dimension, coloured inks can be added to the white clay areas revealed and then scratched again for additional highlights and volume.

A medium with an early history in the printing of single-colour books and newspapers, scratchboard has seen a renewal in recent years at the hand of artists, entering the field of fine art.

Rikki is a great exponent of this art form, winning the top award (Gold - Best in Show) for the Open category at the 2nd International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) show in Vancouver earlier in 2013. Those of you who have seen some of her scratchboard work previously will be able to attest to its visual impact and the intricacy of each piece.

The exhibition is to be launched on Sunday, 15th September. Click on the invitation below for details. It's a great opportunity to meet Rikki and have a chat about her work. More information and images associated with the exhibition are here. Lots more to be added!


Lismore Arts in August

Lismore & Nimbin Tourism have had quite a job in a relatively short period of time to launch Arts in August and pull together a program of cultural events, co-ordinated with a host of organisations and individual who participate in the visual and performing arts in Lismore.

It's been quite a massive undertaking and, if nothing else, has coalesced so many great local arts resources and events for presentation to the public - local and of a broader audience.

At our gallery, we haven't really done all that much that is special, other than ensuring that we plug into the Arts in August program and take every opportunity to promote the program as a whole, plus individual events.


We participated in the village tour of arts happenings, with David giving a guided tour of the gallery, our current exhibitions and our many local artists. Last weekend, we also hosted the Channel Seven Sydney Weekender crew for filming in the gallery (to be shown in October, we think). They filmed The Channon Markets, the Lismore Regional Gallery and many other spots around Lismore, including places to stay, like the gorgeous Elindale House in Lismore. Lots of our artists work on show there too!

More interviews coming up this weekend!

Arts in August is still in full swing. Click on the image below to see more of what's on for the remainder of the month.


Uncharted Territories by Imbi Davidson at Arts Northern Rivers

Works by Imbi Davidson are currently on show at Arts Northern Rivers at Alstonville.

Imbi's exhibition, entitled "Unchartered Territories", curated by The Channon Gallery, was launched int he Arts Northern Rivers exhibition space on Wednesday evening, 10th July, to a tiny but enthusiastic crowd. The weather was horrible which probably had something to do with the poor turnout, but on the bright side, it was easier to chat to people - and the artist - and there was no jostling with wine-in-hand to view Imbi's beautiful work.

Just a few of pics below of the launch.

Imbi's exhibition will be available for viewing at Arts Northern Rivers, 2/5 Bruxner Highway, in Alstonville (turn-off from the new bypass) until the end of August. Since the work is distributed throughout exhibition and office space, it is best to give them a call on 6628 8120 to check on timing. If you are an artist or involved in creative endeavours, it could also be a welcome opportunity to check out the wonderful work that the Arts Northern Rivers people do in this region.

Imbi Davidson at Arts Northern Rivers

Imbi Davidson Art

Imbi Davidson Art

The Channon Gallery cuatorial talk

Imbi Davidson art at Arts Northern Rivers

Imbi Davidson Art at Arts Northern Rivers

Imbi Davidson Art - with Lindsay Hunt

April Exhibitions … into May

Two very special exhibitions are coming up in April. A preview is available on the 12th and 13th April, with the launch to be held on Sunday, 14th April, starting at 3.00pm. Details are on the flyer (link) below.

Our exhibitions are "Wabi - the quality of voluntary poverty", a solo exhibition by Stuart Cussons and "Perpetual Possibilities", a group show by emerging artists (and good mates), Annique Goldenberg, Leanne Stewart Haugh and Heather Matthew.

In his solo show, Stuart Cussons explores the 'philosophy' of Wabi which values a simple and austere beauty. This concept has underpinned Stuart's work for some time and is manifested in his deceptively simple 2D and 3D works.

Our group show, "Perpetual Possibilities" brings together works by Annique Goldenberg, Leanne Stewart Haugh and Heather Matthew who explore shared memory (between artist and viewer) and shared perceptions (again between artist and viewer) of their individual subjects - landscape, water, environment, time and the universe, and the way we access them, 'read' them and come to understand them.


A Retrospective - Video

A quick video that looks back at past exhibitions and gives people who haven't been here an idea of the spaces that comprise our gallery.

We thought it timely as we are increasingly called upon to make the odd presentation to tourism delegates, plus it shows new artists what to expect before they land here. We have a few of the latter on our books who haven't ventured out this way yet!

Hopefully it also demonstrates that while we may be a small country gallery in the 'middle of nowhere' (a perception of some), we are also perhaps a destination for viewing quality work from local artists and an adjunct and support to the significance of the Northern Rivers as a place of great creative diversity and interest.

It's probably best viewed in YouTube so that you can make the screen a bit bigger.

The "Organic Rhythm" Exhibition Launch

On Friday the 12th of October, The Channon Gallery had one of its most successful shows ever - Organic Rhythm by Soren Carlbergg.

With over 40 of Soren’s amazing pieces on show, attendees revelled in the diversity of size, form and mood apparent in Soren’s work. Many new faces were there and some long time supporters of the gallery were also in attendance - thanks to you all!

Marika Bryant, artist/writer opened the show in great form and our dear friends, Deb and Shane from Richmond Hill Sauces were on hand for great stories, as well as offering a taste of their delicious sauces and other condiments.

Many people approached us during the evening and commented positively on Soren's art and its presentation; comments that were genuine, as we sold seven pieces that evening. Again, thanks to you all for supporting our artists.

The show has caused quite a buzz in this very early stage, and we urge you all to come and see Soren’s beguiling work. It’s not your usual show; his pieces vary in size and are modestly priced. If you are considering acquiring a wonderful original artwork or just want a great visual experience, this is probably a good show to catch up on.






Launch of Peter Derrett's exhibition

Sunday, 2nd September saw a great crowd for the launch of Peter Derrett's solo exhibition. Admirers came from near and far to share in the event and peruse Peter's exhibition, entitled "Venice - Seen & Unseen".

It was great to see people with a long connection to art and The Channon, like Bette and Michael Taylor - Michael, himself a renowned painter. Lovely to see so many friends of the gallery too, including notable local artists Lindsay Hunt, Shirley Miller, Dawn Thirlaway, and Sue Adler, a lady with an international reputation for her own photographic artwork.

Peter attracted a host of notable people associated with the arts, music and his days in theatre, and those with just an interest and affection for photography. The subject matter was also of great interest and many were truly amazed by the artist's "eye" and the technical dexterity it took to render the images presented in the exhibition. It was worth noting in introducing this exhibition that none of the images were "touched up" or manipulated on a computer. We will continue to do so!






Brief Musings on our First Year

company-secretaryAnother ‘word’ from the Company Secretary.
(Image: “The Company Secretary”, Lindsay Hunt)

Almost one...

Gentle reader! Thank you for reading this.

As we approach our first birthday, I sit here somewhat amazed that we have come so far, with so many wonderful people; both artists and people who appreciate them.
Much water has flowed under the metaphoric bridge since we officially opened in July of last year and we look back in happy amazement at where we started, and how far we have come.

At our start, we were focussed on providing a venue where excellent artists could exhibit, and where their admirers could find their work. We still adamantly are!

In a less than guaranteed economic and political environment, many folk (I’m sure), viewed our venture as quixotic at best. The first few months were characterised by irrepressible enthusiasm in the face of less than ideal circumstances; some say it still is!

We have been utterly privileged to meet an astonishing array of diverse folk; both artists and people who love their work; THANK YOU! It is this very thing that gives us succor and the strength to continue.

Thanks are due as well to those of you who have taken the time to comment and constructively criticise us and offer input ... we are all learning to improve, no?

So, in order to celebrate our mutual adventures, we sincerely invite all of you to join us and our astonishing artists on Sunday July 8, at 3pm, to share our first birthday!
Please respond by RSVPing to:

To secure your place at this happy event.

Allow me to thank you all and our artists, for without you, we are nothing...

Live long & prosper!

The Bride as Banquet Launch

There was a great turn-out for the launch of The Bride as Banquet by Denise N. Rall.

Denise’s installation includes a series of opulent costumed mannequins in an equally opulent setting. Denise’s costumes are sculptural pieces in their own right, with some also being wearable art. Works by Caspah Batchelor and selected works of embroidery by members of the Lismore Group, Embroiderers Guild of NSW contribute greatly to this setting and its dark subtexts.

Denise’s exhibition was launched in style by Lismore Mayor, Jenny Dowell and Adele Wessel from Southern Cross University to a fairly packed audience. It was quite a warm room - in every sense of the word!

Some photographs from the launch are below. All photographs were taken by Kirra Pendergast and we are very grateful to her for sharing her images.


New Exhibitions in February

Over the next two months, we are presenting 2 quite different and challenging exhibitions, alongside our regular artists’ work.

Ross McMasters’ show is upfront and confronting; a visual and cerebral “slap in the face” if you will. His imagery and contexts range from being politically contentious, achingly human, and mildly amusing; sometimes all at once! Judge his work as you will, (and you will), but it can never be accused as boring. Large scale pieces blend with more intimate works to showcase Ross’s raw power and skill.

Just after we have all caught our breath with this show, we will present a visual orgy at the end of February, running through March. Denise N. Rall will be taking over the rear room to present a retro-roccoco-deluxo romp - a pageant of visual splendour with a menacing undercurrent that speaks to gender, power and class (my! How unfashionable these days!!). “The Bride as Banquet” will be more that the eye initially perceives, and more than your preconceptions may allow. Like Ross’s work, it will address issues that are mostly unspoken, and will pose more questions than provide answers. In our opinion; good art does exactly that. More details on Denise’s exhibition will be forthcoming soon.

The launch event for Ross’ exhibition will be on Sunday afternoon, 5th February, 2102. Please click on the invitation image for a closer look and further details. Please RSVP, if possible, so that we can get the catering right!

We would love to see you there.