Risk and Respite


And now, another ‘word’ from the Company Secretary.
(Image: “The Company Secretary”, Lindsay Hunt)

Many people wonder and ask us what we do and indeed, why we do it.
What we mainly understand about the question is “Why are you doing this?”
After many months, we realise that the unpacking of this question falls into a few discreet camps.

At the outset, many well meaning folk, metaphorically have put their arms around us and asked:
“Why are you opening a fine art gallery, in the middle of winter (2011), in the middle of a recession, and in the middle of nowhere?”.

Valid questions indeed.

The simple, and possibly naive answer, is simply: “because we believe in what we are doing”. We sincerely wish to provide a venue where artists can demonstrate their gifts and where appreciative collectors will support them.

Happily, many supportive folk agree; and we thank them effusively.

And to our delight, we have experienced a dizzying array of talent. Where seven or eight months ago, we were scratching our heads to find artists, we now have to politely decline some approaches.

Much to our, and sometimes, our patrons’ surprise, we deliver shows that are far from primarily commercial, especially in this region. Denise N. Rall’s recent sumptuous costume/textile exhibition, Ross McMaster’s confronting paintings, and others, have challenged what a gallery in northern NSW is about and can be.
Lest you misunderstand us, we do have a extensive array of “accessible” works that continue to delight our customers locally, interstate, and overseas.

Finally, it was with some distress and surprise that some parties approached us recently, with more than a modicum of shauenfreuder, regarding the imminent (but happily, not realised) closure of an important gallery in the region.

The implicit argument went something like: “Won’t that be good? Now folks will go to you!”

No, and no again.

The art world relies on mindshare.
Especially here.
The more activity, more galleries, artists and government spruking regarding what we all do, the better.
If one of us dies; we all die a little death.
We emphatically want people to come to this region and savour the profound talent that exists here. We must all pull together!

The popular mythology and rhetoric goes:
We live in the most artistically rich region in Australia.

We most likely do.

So, let us actually shout this to all on the planet, share our collective (small) victories and appreciate and support endeavours that provide a platform for an arts community to not only survive, but flourish!

We’ll be in it!

Live long and prosper.