The Channon Gallery is fortunate to permanently accommodate the work of artists whose practice operates at the nexus of fine art and fine craft. This work is all hand-made, readily portable and considerably affordable.

Artistic intent varies, but is often very much about the process of “making” and the challenges and opportunities presented by the media in which the artists produce their work.

Everyday items offered in the collections may be considered more ‘craft’ than ‘art’, but their functionality should not diminish their fine sculptural form nor the aesthetic input of their makers.

All works are available for local, interstate and international shipping. Lay-by is also available. Please contact us with any enquiries.

The Dawn Thirlaway Collection

Neriage porcelain bowls, cylinders and jewellery, and everyday items in glazed and unglazed porcelain. Click on the image.


The Stephanie Outridge Field Collection

Wearable ceramic art thematically based on her “Picture of a House” series and landscape work. Click on the image.


The Paul Roguszka Collection

Meticulous works of beauty and function in timber. Click on the image.


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