Our aim is simply to engage, delight and provoke. Our gallery is eager to embrace an honest discourse about the art, its context and the viewer. Be it joy, rage or indifference, art by definition evokes self reflection, and this is what we hope you find here.

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What we are not interested in doing is engaging in an overly intellectualised deconstruction of the art we house. Art should have an emotional primacy and we believe that all else is secondary ... sometimes valid, but always secondary.

Our collection is evolving with new exhibitions generally every 4-6 weeks - solos, duos, trios and group shows.

Like all new entities, we will grow and evolve over the next few months and years. Our artists and exhibitions will grow too, as will our extended services such as private art consultancy and artist workshops/seminars.

Our goal is to have a strong point of differentiation, where you, the art lover, will regard us a destination worthy of arriving. We eagerly seek your ideas and suggestions.

We say this in all sincerity for without you, we are nothing.

Business Hours:

Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm; except
June - August: Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 4pm.
Dec 27 - Jan 31: Open 7 days; Monday & Tuesday, 10 am to 4pm; other days, as usual.

Public holidays except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Reduced hours on New Years Day, Anzac Day and Easter holidays.

The gallery is open to collectors and curators, by appointment, on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please let us know what works are of interest so that they can be retrieved from our Stock Room prior to meeting.

Contact us HERE.