The gallery already has, perhaps, more than enough artists. Less than twenty of these are represented artists, while others are 'exhibiting artists' with a small number of works entrusted to the gallery for a limited time.

We understand that there are all too few 'outlets' in Northern Rivers to show work, so there is potential for helping out local artists with space for exhibiting their works.

There is a selection process, however. It is not intended to be onerous, involving a glimpse at some of the artist's work via email in the first instance and little bit of an idea of their influences and arts practice. If there is interest in the artist and the work, this is followed up with a chat and further exploration of the person and their work.

We have a pretty full exhibition calendar for our represented artists, but endeavour to conduct group shows throughout the year. Some of these run alongside our main exhibitions. We also exhibit random works on easels, regardless of the exhibition taking place. This and the group showings are revolving, with attempts to expose as many artists and their works to the viewing public as possible.

There are no costs to the artists for exhibiting here. There is no rental of wall space, hanging fees, membership fees or website fees, even though these things all add up to a lot of time and considerable expense to us. We do take a commission of works sold though - so all the more incentive to sell! All we ask is that artists' work is ready to exhibit or hang, including D-rings and hanging wire for 2D works. All paintings must be dry. Oils, lacquers etc must be fully cured. Depending on finishing lacquers used, curing/drying may take up to a year from application.

Three-dimensional work, including sculpture and ceramic, must be formed or mounted so that that are stable and sit within display without rocking or movement. It goes without saying (but you may be surprised) - that 3D work should be capable of being free-standing in the configuration, alignment and orientation intended by the artist. Mounts or stands may assist with this, but are the responsibility of the artist.

The gallery also has an opportunity to exhibit periodically at The Art House in Newrybar (near Bangalow). The brainchild of Wendy Wishart, who manages The Art House, this venue is primarily a vacation house - and is rented as such - but it is also a pop-up exhibition venue (or will be when all of the planning approvals are through). The Art House has very kindly offered to exhibit our represented artists exclusively to give their work exposure to a different audience to the gallery and hopefully, potential and actual sales as well. For this, we are truly grateful!

Again, no costs are borne by artists for this endeavour. Please note, that this is only open to artists who we represent.

If you are interested in exhibiting at least some works here, please initiate contact via any of the means below. Please, at least, have an understanding of the work that we currently exhibit and how your work may fit with, complement, juxtapose or 'converse' with that. This can be ascertained by viewing current and previous exhibitions and works held in our Stock Room - all available via this website.

Please don’t just “drop by” with your works and expect us to have a chat about potential exhibitions for your work etc. It may not always look like it, but our days are pretty busy - even when the gallery is closed. Email contact is best to initiate a discussion.

Artist 'interviews' - which are really more of a general chat - can be scheduled throughout the week. We will be happy to advise of the information we need prior to meeting. Just contact us to get the ball rolling. We are always open to ideas.


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t: (02) 6688 6322

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